Terms and conditions

We would like to give you a seamless Safari experience and do our absolute best to solve any problems that may arise during your trip. We will do our utmost whenever necessary to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Sindio Tours & Events Limited is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Kenya.


Transportation varies with each itinerary but is usually done by a safari cruiser or minibus with large windows, and pop-up roofs. We have English speaking drivers/guides and we can also provide drivers/guides speaking other languages like German, French among others.

Payment & Cancellation Policy
A deposit of 25% of the total cost of the tour is required for any booking to be confirmed. For gorilla permits in Uganda, a full advance payment of the permit fee is required to make the reservation.The balance is paid in full 45 days before the tour commences.

Cancellation policy

  • 60+ days’ notice will be a 75% refund.
  • 30-60 days’ notice will be a 50% refund.
  • < 30 days’ notice will be no refund.
  • No show – no refund.

Policy above does not apply to flights.

Cancellation must be notified in writing and will take effect the day it is received by Sindio Tours & Events.
The Client bear any bank charges incurred as a result of payment or foreign exchange difference regardless the method of payment chosen.

Sindio Tours & Events reserves the right to cancel reservations should your deposit or balance of payment not be received on time.

Amendments to confirmed arrangements
Sindio Tours & Events offers its Clients customized packages of land and/or air services using various suppliers. The price of your travel arrangements is subject to changes and surcharges beyond our control and may occur in connection with governmental action, currency exchange rate fluctuation, or increases in suppliers’ prices.

Alteration to Tour
We endeavor to provide all tours as confirmed, Sindio Tours &Events and/ local operators reserve the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary when deemed advisable for the comfort and safety of passengers, which includes but not limited to: the substitution of hotels, alteration of the itinerary, and reversing the order of the places to be visited.

Sindio Tours & Events, their tours and/or suppliers of services, local operators, and other cooperating agencies reserve the right to refuse individuals from a tour without refund who acts in a manner which is unsafe for themselves, or inconsiderate or unsafe to fellow Clients, and/or who ignores the requests of their guide (s) to act in a safe and responsible manner.

In some cases, suppliers feel the need to pass on surcharges to us due to exchange rate fluctuations, fuel price increases, extra government park fees, or changes to VAT regulations. The company reserves the right to pass on to customers any increase imposed on us by our suppliers.

Sindio Tours & Events acts only as a coordinator for all passengers with respect to services provided by underlying operators, including hotels, lodges, restaurants, road transport providers, professional guides, air charter services, boating, rafting, kayaking, bush walking, trekking and climbing activities. All bookings with Sindio Tours & Events are therefore subject to the limitations of liability imposed by the underlying operators involved in the trip.

Payment of a deposit will indicate an acceptance of these booking conditions by the Client.

Illness or Disability

If you are suffering from any illness or disability, or are undergoing any medical treatment, you must declare this openly and honestly to Sindio Tours & Events at the time of booking.
In a similar manner, if you are affected by any condition that may affect you or others during your trip in any way, you must comprehensively advise Sindio Tours & Events at the time of your booking.
It is your responsibility to make arrangements for Medical/Travel Insurance and the provision of any medication or treatment while on tour.

Failing to declare any conditions, illnesses, disability or the like, it will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions and can result in you being excluded from your booked trip or excursion without refund of any payment.

Denied Boarding
If your journey starts in the EU, you must work within the EU denied boarding law. Your airline is obligated to co-operate with you. You are, however, still liable for the costs of your booked safari/diving/hotels/tours/services etc. The company will make every effort to help re-arrange your journey, but you will NOT be entitled to any refund due to your non-appearance for any sector or sectors or services of your journey.

The Company Authority

Any reasonable decision made by the tour guide, acting as a representative of Sindio Tours & Events, shall be deemed final on all matters. Sindio Tours & Events shall not be responsible or liable for any Client who commits an illegal or unlawful act in any country visited, or the consequences of such an illegal act. The Client may in such circumstances be excluded from the tour without a refund, at the sole discretion of Sindio Tours & Events or their representative. If Sindio Tours & Events considers a Client unsuitable for a tour (due to mental or physical illness or implied danger to any other Client or Company representative) it may at its sole discretion decline to carry the Client further. If a Client causes severe inconvenience or annoyance to other Clients, Sindio Tours & Events may decline to carry the Client further, without any refund whatsoever. This will only occur after extensive intervention by the tour guide or Company representative.

Safari and Tour Code

  • Respect the privacy of the wildlife as the park/reserve/conservancy is their habitat.
  • Beware of the animals as they can be unpredictable.
  • Don’t crowd the animals or make sudden noises or movements.
  • Don’t feed the animals. It upsets their diet and leads to human dependence.
  • Keep quiet. Noise disturbs the wildlife and may antagonize your fellow visitors.
  • Always stay in your vehicle, except at designated picnic or walking areas.
  • Respect the cultural heritage of the country. Do not take pictures of the local people or their habitat without asking for their permission. Respect the cultural traditions. 


The Client hereby acknowledges, confirms, and records that he/she understands the risk inherent in adventure travel in African destinations and associated activities. The Client is accepted onto the tour and undertakes to do the tour, travel, or activity at his/her own risk. The Client agrees and concedes that the Sindio Tours Events, its representatives, and employees, shall not be responsible for loss or damage to possessions, or injury or illness to the Client or loss of life or consequential damages which might occur from any cause whatsoever. The Client agrees to indemnify Sindio Tours and Events from such Liabilities.

Refunds and claims

  • Refunds are not made for any missed services, except for verifiable extenuating circumstances.
  • For verifiable claims to be considered, they must be received in writing within 30 days of the termination of the program and be accompanied by supporting documentation and/or a statement from the Operating Company verifying the claim. Any adjustment considered will be based on the actual price of the services involved and not on a per diem basis. Adjustments will not be made for unused sightseeing trips or meals.
  • Sindio Tours & Events will not accept any liability for any claims that are not received within 30 days of the termination of your travel program. All claims for days missed while traveling should be made in writing within 30 days of the termination of the program.
  • The claims and the refunds are made on a back to back basis with the Service providers/suppliers

Sindio Tours & Events does not tolerate any type of corruption or bribery, either public or private, either active or passive. We firmly advocate for transparency in all our dealing with all customers, suppliers and authorities and honor the relevant local and international Anti-corruption standards, rules, and regulations.

Customer Privacy 
We ensure that customer privacy is not compromised. Our staff are trained to conduct business with fairness and integrity; our advertising is truthful and fairly describes the qualities of the travel service and accommodations offered, free of misleading statements or inferences, every transaction with a Client is confidential.

Other considerations

  • Publicity and image use right – all photos taken by the company during a tour are the company’s property and may be used for marketing purposes without the customer’s permission.
  • Accuracy of information listed on the website – website material or content can be changed at any time at the company’s discretion.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:
The placing of a booking with Sindio Tours & Events Ltd for services implies that you accept these booking conditions.